Douro Valley Tour

Immerse Yourself In The Douro Valley

If you're planning your trip to Portugal, there's no doubt that you're interested in visiting the beautiful Douro Valley. Our private Douro Valley tour will help you experience the Valley , the land vineyards in a way that few tourists ever get to enjoy.


First, we'll pick you up at a location of your choosing, and you'll board our air-conditioned vehicle. You'll enjoy water while talking with your driver/ tour guide about the history of the location, and he or she will enjoy answering any questions that you may have while providing you with more information on the area. You'll visit the São Gonçalo Amarante Convent, a historic Catholic church in Amarante. If we have time after your church visit, we'll drive by a village that was completely isolated up until 30 years ago. We'll finish up our time together by stopping at two different wineries to enjoy and learn about wines , grape, olive and honey tastings .

Between 02  wineries visits we will stop at restaurant to lunch a tradicional menu .


We know that you have many choices on how you're going to experience Portugal, and we're glad you're considering a private Douro Valley tour. When you work with a private tour guide, you get to enjoy the country the way a local would. You take in the sights and the sounds while talking with your personal expert on the area. It's an experience that you'll never forget.